Technology transfer and cooperation between academia and industry


Wednesday 2nd of September 2015, 11.00- 12.30.


Session chair: Matthias Weber, Austrian Institute of Technology 


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Daniele Rotolo (1)

Diana Hicks (2)

Ben Martin (3)

(1) University of Sussex

(2) Georgia Institute of Technology

(3) University of Sussex

What is an emerging technology?


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Magnus Gulbrandsen (1)

Antje Klitkou (2)

(1) University of Oslo

(2) NIFU Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation

Firms’ collaboration with domestic and foreign universities: what can co-authorship data tell us? Pdf   Pdf

Hanne Peeters

Julie Callaert

Bart Van Looy

KU Leuven Academic involvement in corporate technology development: Does it make a difference?
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