Poster session


The poster session will take place during lunchtime Wednesday 2nd of September and Thursday 3rd of September.

Below is a list of the posters which will be presented; as soon as they are available, pdfs of the posters and additional materials will be made available.

Title Convenor Affiliation Abs. Pdf
Market coverage of patent portfolios in MNEs: do patterns of R&D internationalisation matter?

Patricia Laurens (1)

Antoine Schoen (1)

Christian Le Bas (2)

Lionel Villard (3)

Philippe Larédo (4)

(1) Université Paris-Est

(2) ESDES-School of Management-Catholic

(3) University of Lyon

(4) Université Paris-Est

Addressing the comparability and the quality problems of the European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)' microdata: A Comprehensive Data Quality Approach

Cinzia Daraio (1)

Angelo Gentili (1)

Monica Scannapieco (2)

(1) Sapienza University of Rome

(2) Italian National Institute for Statistics (Istat)

Attempting to develop research organisations with project funding instruments: An example from Estonia

Kadri Ukrainski (1)

Eva-Liisa Otsus (2)

Hanna Kanep (3)

(1) University of Tartu

(2) Estonian Research Council

(3) Universities Estonia

Doctoral training conditions and doctorate holder’s job placement in academia

Jakob Tesch

Janine Lange

Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance (iFQ)    
ECOOM and the artistic research evaluation project: the search for research evaluation hermeneutics in Flanders

Birgitte Martens

Walter Ysebaert

Vrije Universiteit Brussel    

How Heterogeneous are the performance of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)? New empirical evidence on the Efficiency of European HEIs from the ETER database

Teresa Ciorciaro

Libero Cornacchione

Cinzia Daraio

Giulia Dionisio

Sapienza University of Rome    
Identifying topics of interest of Mendeley users using the text mining and overlay visualization functionality of VOSviewer

Zohreh Zahedi

Nees Jan van Eck

Leiden University Pdf Pdf
Is corporate R&D becoming more international? A case study

Antoine Schoen (1)

Peter van den Besselaar (2)

Patricia Laurens (3)

(1) Université Paris-Est

(2) VU University

(3) Université Paris-Est

Mobility Survey of the Higher Education Sector (MORE2) NIFU - Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education NIFU - Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education Pdf  
Multidimensional assessment of R&D performance: evidence from the 2014 pilot evaluation exercise of Russian public research organizations

Konstantin Fursov

Gleb Kuzmin

National Research University Higher School of Economics Pdf  
The Characteristics of Journals Suppressed by JCR in Scopus

Yu-Ting Chang

Tai-Chi Yu

Wen-Yau Cathy Lin

Tamkang University    
The importance of personal grants on the scientific performance of early career scholars: A Dutch case study

Inge van der Weijden

Tina Nane

Rodrigo Costas

Zohreh Zahedi

Ingeborg Meijer

Leiden University    
Who funded Taiwan-Germany research collaboration? A co-funding network analysis on the basis of funding acknowledgements

Carey Ming-Li Chen (1)

Daniel Sirtes (2)

(1) Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (STPI)

(2) Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance (iFQ)