Performance measurement in higher education and rankings


Thursday 3rd of September 2015, 16.00 - 18.00.


Session chair:Robert Tijssen, CWTS, Leiden University

Authors Affiliation Title Abs. Pdf Pres.

Fredrik Niclas Piro

Gunnar Sivertsen

NIFU Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation How can differences in international university rankings be explained? Pdf Pdf Pdf

Björn Hammarfelt (1)

Fredrik Åström (2)

(1) University of Borås

(2) Lund University Library

The multi-layered and multilevel use of bibliometric measures in Swedish universities: Isomorphism, translation and strategic choice

Pdf Pdf Pdf

Torger Möller

Marion Schmidt

iFQ – Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance Assessing the effects of the German Excellence Initiative with bibliometric means and based on two data sources. Pdf Pdf  

Vivek Kumar Singh (1)

Ashraf Uddin (1)

Aparna Basu (2)

(1) South Asian University

(2) CSIR-National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies

A Sciento-Text Framework for Thematic Area-based Ranking of World Institutions in Computer Science Research Pdf Pdf