Panel 1. Exploring the potential of qualitative and mixed methodological techniques in Research Evaluation


Wednesday, 2nd of September, 15.15 – 16.30. Room 355.

Chair: Gemma Derrick, Brunel University London.

  • Paul Wouters, CWTS, University of Leiden.
  • Sarah de Rijke, CWTS University of Leiden.
  • Jordi Molas Gallart, INGENIO, Valencia
  • Ingeborg Meijer, CWTS, University of Leiden.

Download the workshop presentation here.

The aim of this special session is to discuss how qualitative and mixed methodologies can be utilised to address emerging questions in the research evaluation, and science policy field. The discussion will be generated by hosting a panel involving a number of expert discussants and research leaders from the field. In addition, audience members will be encouraged by the convenor to ask the panel questions surrounding 3 main topics (described below). Through the discussion elicited by this panel, we aim move towards establishing a conduct of best practice in the adoption of qualitative and mixed methods techniques for research evaluation research.
This session will form part of a larger initiative, currently funded by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award that aims to establish an international network of researchers interested in promoting the application of excellent qualitative and mixed methodological approaches for the research evaluation field. An international workshop exploring the application of alternative methodological tools to the research evaluation and policy field will be hosted at Brunel University London, in October 2015.