Keynote speech by Joseph Lampel


Trapped by Information: Performance Rank Ordering and Red Queen Imitation

Joseph Lampel, Manchester Business School, Manchester

Chair: Peter van den Besselaar,  VU University, Amsterdam

Friday 4th of September, 9.00 - 10.00, Auditorium

This talk argues that the rank ordering of performance information can reduce the incentive to innovate.    In Modern information technologies facilitate the capture and public dissemination of performance information on a large scale.    In many industries this information is distilled into rank ordering.     Rank ordering of performance can strongly influence stakeholders’ resource allocation choices, which in turn influences organizational strategy as organizations compete to improve, or at least hold, their position in the ranking.     What ensues is Red Queen competition in which organizations reduce the risk of loss in rank position by imitating organizations with higher ranking.      The talk examines the dynamics and consequences of Red Queen imitation in the context of several industries.

Joseph Lampel main research is on strategy in the creative and project-based industries.  He is co-author with Henry Mintzberg and Bruce Ahlstrand of The Strategy Safari (2009), and Strategy Bites Back (2005).

He is also co-editor with Jamal Shamsie and Theresa Lant of The Business of Culture (2005). Joseph Lampel has consulted and worked with a wide variety of organizations, including EMI Music Group, John Lewis, Halcrow, GlaxoSmithKline, Hagemeyer, and the International Chamber of Commerce.

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