Final session. Establishing an European Data Infrastructure


Friday, 4th of September, 14.00 - 15.00

The goal of the final session of the conference is to discuss perspectives and requirements for the establishment of a long-term data infrastructure in the field of research and innovation policy, as a development of the RISIS infrastructure action. This will concern both substantive dimensions concerning the type and characteristics of datasets to be integrated, methodological and technical issues concerning integration and interoperability and, finally, management and organizational issues.

The session will take stock from the current RISIS experience, but also from experiences in other domains of social science data like the establishment of a Consortium of European Social Science data Archive (CESSDA) and the Swiss FORS foundation.

Chair: Monica Gaughan, Arizona State University, member of the RISIS project review board.


  • Peter Farago, Director, Swiss Center for Expertise in Social Sciences FORS, University of Lausanne.
  • Philippe Larédo, University of Paris Est, coordinator of the RISIS project.
  • Peter van den Besselaar, Free University of Amsterdam, RISIS co-coordinator.
  • Matthew Woollard,Vice Chair of the CESSDA Board of Directors.

A new data infrastructure for science and innovation studies – RISIS pdf

Download the presentations here and here.