Dynamics of research fields


Thursday 3rd of September 2015, 10.45 - 12.30.


Session chair: Gunnar Sivertsen, NIFU, Oslo

Authors Affiliation Title Abs. Pdf Pres.

Lorenzo Cassi (1)

Wilfredo Mescheba (2)

Elisabeth de Turckheim (2)

(1) CES - University of Paris


My interdisciplinarity à moi. An analysis of neuroscience research in French Universities, 2008-2012 Pdf Pdf Pdf

Thomas Heinze

Arlette Jappe

University of Wuppertal Institutional Context and Growth of New Research Fields. Comparison between State Universities in Germany and the United States Pdf    

David Campbell

Philippe Deschamps

Grégoire Côté

Guillaume Roberge

Christian Lefebvre

Éric Archambault

Science-Metrix Development of an “interdisciplinarity” metrics at the paper level and its application in a comparative analysis of the most publishing ERA and non-ERA universities Pdf Pdf Pdf