Bibliometrics and citation analysis


Thursday 3rd of September 2015, 16.00 - 18.00.


Session chair: Thed van Leeuwen, CWTS, Leiden University

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Liwen Vaughan (1)

Wolfgang Glänzel (2)

Christopher Korch (3)

Amanda Capes-Davis (4)

(1) Faculty Information & Media Studies

(2) KU Leuven

(3) University of Colorado School of Medicine

(4) University of Sydney

Incorrect research and its impact seen through the bibliometrics looking glass:

The effect of the misidentified cell line KB (HeLa) on scientific literature


Valeria Aman

Institute for Research Information and Quality Assurance

Citation preference in the German science system

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Wolfgang Glänzel

Pei-Shan Chi

KU Leuven A comparative study of citation distributions of books and journal articles in three fields for indicator building Pdf Pdf Pdf

Bart Thijs 

Wolfgang Glänzel

KU Leuven

How to solve computational challenges in large scale hybrid document networks?

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