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The 2015 Science and Technology Indicators conference, organized under the auspices of the European Network of Indicator Designers, will be hosted by the Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano and will be specifically focused on the role of organizations in the research system. We will be seeking contributions addressing the the development of STI indicators at the organizational level, and of techniques and methods to apply such indicators to the analysis of relevant policy and scholarly questions on the role of organizations within STI systems.

Specifically, the focus of the STI2015 conference will be on:

  1. Advances in the development of new datasets and indicators at the organizational level and in methodologies to exploit these data for scholarly analysis. This will include conceptual frameworks and approaches to identify organizational boundaries, methods to match different datasets, the development of new analytical techniques, etc.
  2. New insights on research organizations based on the exploitation of these data, based on theoretical frameworks from sociology and economy of organizations.
  3. Analysis of the use of new datasets and indicators in the management of scientific organizations, and the implications for organizational development and structure of new managerial approaches based on the use of novel datasets.

The conference programme will include three keynote speeches, parallel sessions with paper presentation, plenary panels on standards in evaluation and on research infrastructure, panel devoted to special topics. For an overview, see the programme section on this website.